Why do we use music in videos and where to find free music for your videos.

There is no reason for a prologue here: Music, or lack of it, is the most important aspect of your video, it is what separates amateurs from professionals. If you don’t believe us google it, ask an experienced videographer / director/ editor/ video producer. Sound and music, sound design is paramount!

Music is what elevates a video. It is what makes or breaks the feeling that you want the audience to have. We are not going to bore you with obvious examples there. We tend to avoid boring you! (if we aren’t let us know! Drop us a line about it!).

So what does Music does?

Music knows things.

Music in a video dictates to us what to feel. Think the same sequence with jazz music, the same sequence with dance music, the same sequence with classical music. The result is completely different. The feelings that are evoked are completely different. This is because of the music. You see video and film are audio visual experiences.

Image is 50% of the experience.Think of a horror movie. Watch it with sound on and sound off. You see?

But most of you already know that! So let’s go to some juicer parts! Where to find music for free! All the sites that we suggest have a licence page talking about licenses, obviously.

Be sure to check that you are using the correct license for your kind of projects. Music that can be free under Creative Commons Licence or under Public Domain free licence, it can have a certain cost for different kind of usages, so please, take a good care of checking these licenses out and always respect the artists. They are giving their art for free so you can create something new.


Amazing collection of royalty free music tracks written by Kevin McLeod who has written music for innumerable film projects, including “Hugo”, as we can see in his IMDb page.



Electronica for all your video needs. Worth while to do a search there. Always be aware of what licence you need!


youtube audio library

Yeahp! Good old youtube can provide you with music within its platform. Very good interface and searching options


Free Music Archive

Kitsplit is a reputable camera rental company and now they offer apart from great film equipment rentals (no, we are not affiliated to them in any way!), they offer freemusicarchive. Fantastic site, music from all over the place, all the genres are there, again, and we know that we sound like a broken record (another music technology reference there) check the licence of every track before you use it.



As we read from their site: “a collection of commercial licensed original background music for your video projects. While collaborating with advertising and creative agencies we’ve composed plenty of excellent tracks for the promo video, YouTube content and all types of corporate needs”.


We are 100% sure that there are other good sites for completely free royalty free music and if you spent some time googling or binging about it you will find some audio treasures. We just show you some of the sites that we came across when people were asking us where to find music and not pay for it.

So, let the music play!

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